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Locations - Trent Park

Lord Aberfeldy

The German Generals Go for a Walk at Trent Park with their Guards

'Lord Aberfeldy' was appointed as the Welfare Officer to the German Generals at Trent Park. He was given the task of talking to them about day-to-day matters in the house. The Generals believed that he really cared about their well-being and they began to confide in him and discuss military matters. They were even told that he was a distant cousin of King George VI-and they believed it. It was a very clever deception. The Generals never found out that his real name was Ian Monroe and he was working as an intelligence officer for the British Secret Service. He often took a General for a walk in the grounds and would conveniently stop under a tree which had a microphone hidden in it. This gave him the opportunity to lead the conversation in a particular direction, and the conversation would be recorded in The M Room. Once a fortnight, Lord Aberfeldy went into London to buy items for the Generals, for example polish for their boots, extra cigarettes or wine. Giving the Generals a 'Lord' to look after them played to their egos. They believed that they were being treated according to their high status as military men in Hitler's army. It shows that British Intelligence understood the mindset of their prisoners.