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Acetate disc A sound storage device used between the 1930s and 1950s
Admiralty Headquarters of the Royal Navy
Aerodrome A small airfield
Agent A spy
Internment Imprisonment
Air Intelligence The section of the Royal Air Force that gathers information for the government about aircraft and its technology
Allies A country which cooperates with another country on military purposes
Anti-Nazi A belief that opposes fascism
Aryan People of Europe or Western Asia, commonly non-Jews
Atrocity A cruel act often involving physical violence
ATS Short for Auxiliary Territorial Service, a unit for women in the British Army


British Intelligence Government agency for internal security at home and abroad
Batman A military valet or butler with some ceremonial duties to a high-ranking Officer


Classification Sorting material into relevant groups of date
Codebreaking Analysing information to reveal hidden messages
Confide To share information of a sensitive nature


Deception To trick




Final Solution Hitler's plan to kill the Jews of Europe


General A high rank in the Army
Geneva Convention An international Treaty (document) which sets out the code of treatment of people and Human Rights, especially for refugees and Prisoners-of-war




Intelligence Corps A branch of the military that gathers intelligence
Intelligence Chief The head of the Secret Service part of an organisation
Internment Imprisonment
Interrogation To formally question someone
Interrogator Someone who questions another in search of information






Luftwaffe The German Air Force


MI6 Branch of the British Secret Service for foreign affairs
M Room The room which housed the listening equipment
Magnetic torpedoes A weapon capable of running under a ship or submarine, then exploding


Nazism Also known as National Socialism. A Right-wing political party that came to power in Germany under Adolf Hitler in 1933
Native The country you were born in
Nissen huts A tunnel-shaped hut made of iron with a cement floor where listeners would bug the conversations


Officers' Mess The room where officers of the forces take their meals and relax
Official Secrets Act A document that is signed when someone works for the British Secret Service which states that they cannot tell anyone about their job
Opium A drug derived from a poppy plant
Orphanage A place which houses children whose parents have both died


Pioneer Corps Labour unit of the British army
Prisoner-of-war A military person capture during war
Persecution The killing or unlawful treatment of a group of people because of their race or political beliefs
Phoney A fake
Pillage To steal
Pro-Nazi Supportive of Nazism
Psychiatrist Someone who studies the mind and human behaviour




RAF Royal Air Force
Rearmament The upgrade of weapons
Reconnaissance A mission to check out something
Refugee A person who has been forced to leave their country because of war
Regime An ordered way of doing things


Stool-pigeon A man who pretended to be a prisoner
S boats A type of submarine
Secret listener A man who secretly listened into prisoners' conversations in their cells in the Second World War
Stalingrad A city in Russia
Supremacy Having a higher power over somebody


Transcript A written copy or reproduction
Temporary visa An official document which allows an individual to enter a country for a certain amount of time


U-boat A German submarine


V1 Pilotless flying bomb or 'doodlebug'
V2 Rocket, the first long-range ballistic missile
Visa An official document which allows an to visit or emigrate to another country


Welfare officer Someone assigned to take care of the needs of other people
Winston Churchill British Prime Minister between May 1940-July 1945