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Recording History

Eye-witness accounts

Fritz Lustig

In reconstructing history, it is important for historians to record the eye-witness accounts of survivors. This fills in important gaps in our knowledge that cannot be found in official records or papers. Eye-witness accounts can tell us what life was really like on a day-to-day basis. They can also provide very personal stories, giving a sense of what a war was really like for an individual.

For the secret war, eye-witnesses can sometimes reveal information which the government has not yet released into a public archive. It is also very important not just to talk to veterans, but to record the interviews so they are available for future generations to hear. An interview offers the opportunity to ask our own questions and to understand the period in more detail. It is a lively, interactive way of learning about history.

Why it is important to capture testimony from historical witnesses?
Why it's important to capture historical testimonies